Arun Thevar is a fun loving person who is strongly following the old adage penned by radio broadcaster PAUL HARVEY "SERIOUS PEOPLE HAVE FEW IDEAS- PEOPLE WITH IDEAS ARE NEVER SERIOUS"


I have always been fascinated by Kharegaon. This is the most happening place in Thane where people are enthusiastically involved in organizing cultural activities and festival celebrations. Programs promoting arts, education, entertainment are regularly observed. The political leaders take up the sponsorship and see to it that everything is organized peacefully. Most importantly I have not really seen a heinous crime which has taken place in Kharegaon during the last 15 years. People in Kharegaon live with peace and harmony.

There was a need for some platform to glorify the beauty of Kharegaon and I preferred to choose having a dedicated website. Also the effort coincides with my personal hobbies. I wanted to get into something creative and slowly, I have managed to develop this website which is not comprehensive and has full information but still it throws light on few things about Kharegaon.


As I have not pursued any professional course on website development it was very difficult for me in the initial stages. I used to visit various websites which gives an idea of how to create websites using site builders. Command, syntax, coding programming is not my cup of tea. All I knew was little about HTML and can create attractive screenshots and write a bit with the set of words with which I am familiar. The day when I purchased the domain by using my friend’s credit card I was only ready with one slide for the home page.

Over the next few months I was learning referring to the help notes and FAQ’s on the processes related to the website building. Interestingly a Hindustan Times reporter found my work very unique and an article was published on 27th Feb 2010 about this website. People then started recognizing my work. There were emails and few kharegaon-kars filled up the visitors form available on the site with their encouraging comments and suggestions. During the year 2011 Navratri Celebrations Shri.. Dashrath Dada Patil honored me with a plaque and bouquet for my efforts to popularize Kharegaon to the global level by creating this website.


It will be a slow moving process for the next 1-2 years as I have to concentrate on my professional commitments. Time constraint is the major reason for the delay in up-gradation of this website. Moreover gathering information needs liaising with different people which is not easy. (schools, banks, hospitals, major landmarks and famous spots of Kharegaon.

I request kharegaon-kars to email me the stuff which I can upload on the site. This would be a quicker and very encouraging for me. You can always email the pictures, write-ups to in word, JPEG formats

Needless to mention, this website will be always UP and I can assure one day this will be a reliable source of information for all kharegaon-kars and the attractive screenshots will be a visual treat for all the viewers.

I sincerely apologize to everyone if they do not find this website very informative at this point of time. Be with me and will make it big one day.