The most happening place on the outskirts of Kalwa, Thane

Kharegaon, Kalwa comes under the Thane Municipal Corporation. The size of the village has increased manifold in recent years, spurred on by a residential boom due to people moving away from Mumbai to find affordable homes and good amenities. Pollution-free location and blend of city and village life. God’s gift to the residents of Kharegaon

Kharegaon has a predominantly Maharashtrian culture and now this place is also home for people of different religions, cultures and languages.Famous for celebrations & festivities.

Navratri is celebrated in a gracious manner in Kharegaon. Safety measures and care for the people have always been the primary task of the organizers. This is the reason why people from various corners of Thane enjoy coming down to kharegaon. The Ganesh Chaturthi is another major festival when people are in euphoria & spree. The different types of vibrant idols you see during this occasion.Devotees prefer kharegaon talao pali for immersion.

Why Choose Us Kharegaon


Life in Kharegaon is fantastic pass time for the localites. When you come back from office and prefer to go for a walk, there are spots like kharegaon talao pali, gardens for kids etc. which is available for recreation, fun and entertainment. This lake is situated on the main road which goes to Reti Bunder and preferred by the joggers and sports personalities of this village.

The development of upmarket residential complexes, the towers in recent times such as Vitthal Kunj, SAHAJ MITR CHS, Moreshwar Park, Saya Park, Rajlaxmi Park, Sai-Vihar has increased the influx of people into the village. Gymansium like Talwalkar's, Jai Bharat Sports Club,Uday Sports Club,Azadmitra mandal, Ram Gym, Thripati’s Gym, Appolo Gym etc. is a boon for exercise lovers and athletes. These sports club authorities organize bodybuilding competition every year.

Kharegaon is well known for its eateries. Visit sometimes Sai Saagar Restaurant, Mayur Restaurant, Rajdeep Restaurant for delicious food with your family members. There is also a MONGINIS & Dominos outlet in Kharegaon.


Kharegaon has a number of good schools and tutorials which benefits the student population. To name a few Ganesh Vidhyalaya, Bhavika Vidhyalaya, Sadhana Vidhya Mandir and Padmavati Venkatesh High School. Ganesh Vidhyalaya holds a prime position in this sector. The school coaches over 1250 students on this day. Apart from schools one can also see many classes / tutorials / coaching institutes.


Kharegaon is also home for temples. Jari Mari, Hira Devi, Shiv Mandir & Vithal Mandir encourage large number of devotees to visit and for worship. There are numerous festivals held at these temples during the year


We the citizens of Kharegaon love to create & maintain universal brotherhood with our neighbors & friends. Over the years there had never been an incident which involved major theft, pilferages, riots or which promotes crime in our jurisdiction

Thanks to all the local politicians who have played a major role in beautifying this village all these days


For health Care of local residents, there are hospitals with expert doctors( the specialists, the physicians, surgeons ) Pratibha Hospitaloperates 24 x 7

The Sahakar Bazaar plays the role of departmental store. All branded goodsnecessary for domestic useesare available here. The household items, the luxurious and anything you demand. This is closed only during last Fridays of the month. There are also spacious non-veg fish and mutton market which gives you quality meat supply in kharegaon Kharegaon also has a branchof Parsik Janata Sahakari Bank & Vijaya Bank. For the book worm & readers, the Sane Guruji Library should be your choice located exactly above the Sahakar Bazaar, departmental store